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Eskaton -Ardeur (rateyourmusic - 2007/2011) (2007)

Lilleboll - 28/11/2011

Not comparable with their masterpiece "4 Visions", but better than the 2 later albums that wasn’t even worth keeping...

herkyjerky - 11/8/2010

When the sick glitched groove comes in halfway through "Dagon", it’s probably one of the ten greatest moments in the history of recorded music. Recorded less than a year after 4 Visions and frequently reaching the same heights of transcendence, this album is another religious slab of brain-melting Zeuhl perfection with melodies that will remain friends for life.

trickpascheri - 25/5/2010

Sublime. Equivalent à Kultivator ou Weidorje. Indispensable.

siriuspooka - 12/1/2010

Not as good as the fantastic "4 Visions", but still very enjoyable. My correct rating would be 3,8. So I round up to 4. If you like this kind of Zeuhl-Fusion, I can recommend the first and maybe also the second album of the partial comparable french band Eider Stellaire.

Juno_w_setsbrig - 11/12/2009

character (30%) : 4.0
- A nice againsty release. One of a kind (as far as I know). I wonder how this could ever be hip for any larger kind of audience. Eskaton is just doing their unique thing. The lyrics are not discernable to me, it’s female angelic vocal harmonization in French in sometimes cryptic harmonic scales that remind me of Messiaen a bit. Strong taste.

musicality (25%) : 3.5
- It’s weird in a pretty pleasant energetic way, fun to listen to. It took me through quite a few moments of hightened conscience for the interesting finds.

efficiency (15%) : 4.5
- I don’t think I felt a hint of boredom during the three times I listended to these fabulous 41 minutes today.

sound (15%) : 4.0
- Lovely. this is 1980 and it shows in most songs in the charming mix of instruments popular and available at the time. And that Zappa 1973 guitar sound that was popular all over Europe in the late 70s. The sequencers in parts of ’Eskaton’ and ’Dagon’ sound unexpectedly 21st century hip.

chops (15%) : 4.0
- their obvious skill always support and never stand in the way of the flow of the songs.

bonus/malus : 0.2
- yeah a little bonus because I waited so long for this release and it didn’t dissapoint like so many from this era.

Siegmann - 5/8/2009

Incredibly intricate, sometimes very surprising, and tremendously well-played compositions which, yet, are able to build quite dramatic soundscapes. So much quality is here to be found, that the record sustained my pleasures throughout its whole, even having, from its super-predominant early ’80s fusion keyboards, the timbres and tones which I tend to hate the most.

Tovan - 8/9/2007

Nice and well played zeuhl fusion. A bit similar to Zao’s later albums, in that it’s quite light and shimmering. It’s not very original, however, and the choirs tend to get a bit too repetitious, but tracks like "Dagon" and "Le Chant De La Terre" are reasons enough to give this album a relatively high grade. Recommended.

antonbildern - 1/8/2007

Top-twenty in zeuhl rock !!

Eskaton -Ardeur (rateyourmusic - 2007/2011)

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