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Musique Noise & Fulmines Integralis (Progarchives)

Musique Noise biography

MAGMA have influenced quite a number of bands since the 70’s. However, if most zeuhl artists tend to focus on this band’s martial rhythms and dark moods, MUSIQUE NOISE concentrated on their lighter side. They took shape in 1986 with some ex-ESKATON and AUTOPSIE members, namely two keyboards players, a bassist and a drummer ; then came a sax player, a trumpeter and two classically trained female singers. The band performed in various Paris clubs and began work on what would turn out to be their sole album, which became a zeuhl classic in specialized circles but otherwise had a rather weak impact. Then one by one, some of the members started to walk out, the band slowly disintegrating until it officially dissolved in 1994.

Their album was released under the title "Fulmines Regularis" in 1988 by a then young Musea label. In 2002, they re-released it under the title "Fulmines Integralis" and added four extra tracks, namely some 1992 demos which had been intended for a second album that never materialized. As the album shows, MUSIQUE NOISE embrace the zeuhl style with ease, using three-part vocal arrangements, lots of positive energy and even a sense of humour. Instrumental frenzy, odd-time signatures, operatic vocalizations mixed with jazz, prog, classical tunes and other undefined styles are all part of the show, the numerous choirs (obviously inspired by Carl Orff’s "Carmina Burana") embellished by terrific keyboards and sax parts. Overall, MUSIQUE NOISE are rather accessible when compared to most zeuhl bands and their album is a good starter for newcomers to the genre.

Not essential but likely to attract fans of MAGMA, ESKATON, ZAO, HAPPY FAMILY, UNIVERS ZERO.

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Musique Noise is one of the umpthienth try from a french group to capitalize on Magma’s fame. It was an odd time to release such a record as in 88 such music was terribly uncool !!!

Although , the music is well recorded and executed, it has a bit of originality because of the clear and well spoken french lyrics (superb voice of Isabelle Bruton), but this is about it on the originality front. The music quickly goes down the beaten paths of your average Zheul music all laid out well before by not only Magma, but also all of its offshoots (Zao, Weidorge) but also Eskaton.

This album is only for real afficianados of Zheul or can also be considered as a good intro to that particular style because it is fairly accessible for the unitiated.

Review by Sean Trane / Special Collaborator Prog Folker

Musique Noise & Fulmines Integralis (Progarchives)

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